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2021 EDITION Upgrade
of Power & Revolution

A new expansion of the ultra-realistic simulator of today's world where you play as the head of state or as the opposition!

New Features for 2021: administration of the EU, Covid vaccinations, Biden's Challenge, political coalitions, diplomatic negotiations, worldwide tax and free-trade agreements.

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  • Creation of political coalitions
    The players can run an electoral campaign or lead a country by allying with other political parties. To do this, you will have to create a common program and commit to allocating governmental posts.
  • Meetings of heads of state
    The player can negotiate directly with various independent members, playing on the influences they have on each other and try to change the outcome of the vote that is displayed on the screen. At meetings of the European Union, you can offer reimbursements on membership dues.
  • Free-trade agreements
    Various type of agreements can be proposed. Depending on the economic, political or environmental impact, this will enable you to develop various volumes of trade between countries or the European Union and thus promote economic growth.
  • Various diplomatic initiatives
    Countries can collaborate and improve relations by implementing student exchanges program, a year of culture dedicated to a host nation, transnational highway construction, scientific cooperation aimed at making discoveries and sharing them by pooling scientific knowledge and financial means.
  • Simulation of the European Union
    The complex operation of the European Union has been incorporated to simulate the cogs in the machine and to allow its development: roles of the executive and legislative, detailed spending and revenue budgets, system of country membership dues, aid payments, economic break-down and ranking of all regions of the member countries, holding elections in Europe...
    The player can propose resolutions within all areas of responsibility in the EU, especially the rules of social and fiscal harmonization between member countries, but they will have to be particularly shrewd and convincing because decisions are made collectively among the nations with sometimes conflicting objectives. In which case, modifying the voting rules will prove particularly interesting. The player can also redistribute the annual aid they receive from the EU to try to maximize these subsidies.
    Scenarios pertaining to the EU are included: "The Beijing-Berlin Silk Road", "Enlarging the Union" and "The EU, the Leading World Power and Global Democracy".
  • Biden’s Challenge
    As head of the USA, the player must keep all the promises made during the electoral campaign and during the State of the Union Address, more than twenty goals to meet. They mainly cover fiscal policy, massive investments in infrastructure, development of clean energies, ending the health crisis and reducing inequality and discrimination. But tensions in the American population threaten to reemerge, especially with a program that greatly offends the most radical fringes of the conservative opposition…
  • Covid-19 Pandemic
    The world is not finished with the virus. All data has been updated as of the beginning of 2021 and the player must run a vaccination campaign and put an end to the health crisis. In addition to all the types of confinement that already exist, the player can set vaccination priorities along with health and vaccination policies (vaccination passport...).
  • Simulation of fatalities
    Real fatality data for every country of the world has been integrated into the game. Nearly thirty causes of death are simulated (cancers, stroke, malnutrition, diabetes, heart disease, traffic accidents...) and the player can act to reduce these occurrences.
  • New real-world situations
    German elections: as a candidate in the German federal elections, the player can aspire to succeed the German Chancellor after sixteen years in power. But real-life polls included in the game demonstrate that obtaining a majority in the Bundestag seems impossible by one single party. The creation of a political coalition will be one of the obstacles to overcome in order to govern the country.
    Worldwide tax on multinationals: as the American head of state, the player can try to impose worldwide fiscal reform on the largest multinational companies, limiting tax havens and strengthening national finances which is very significant in this time of crisis; but negotiations at the G20 may prove to be difficult.
    The "World Without Covid" scenario is back in 2021 and allows a "normal" backdrop, without the pandemic.

Other new features

  • God'n'spy: expanded view of the composition of strategic and economic alignments among the countries (organizations, communities, surroundings, political tendencies, religious communities…)
  • Water cannon: add a water cannon vehicle in city riots to disperse demonstrators in a wide area and block access without resorting to lethal force.
  • Loan buybacks for the player and, thanks to a treasury reserve, not have to resolve any remaining interest
  • Map of political tendencies displaying the tendencies of governments in power over the entire planet
  • Map of European Union regions, with each region of the EU color-coded based on its economic development ranking
  • Calculation and display of organizational effectiveness on the economic (growth points gain) and military level
  • New management of tariffs including international agreements and the initialization of actual revenue
  • Refined city/region selection on the map
  • New achievements
  • 64 bit engine: between 10% to 25% speed increase for passing “1 month”, 10% speed increase for loading a game.

Up to date data as of 01/01/2021

  • Budgetary, economic and social data…
  • Political and geopolitical data: new governments, constitutions of new parliaments, diplomatic relations between countries…
  • Environmental data including % of waste recycling
  • Military data and maps of conflicts, ongoing city battles and status of opposing forces.
  • Terrorist organizations: numbers, capabilities, resources.
  • Updated city populations and the addition of new cities
  • New G5 Sahel organization
  • New characters with new faces: new heads of state or government (USA, Japan, Belgium...), new ministers and heads of parties (USA, France, Germany...), principal leaders of the EU.

We recommend the following minimum configuration

PC Windows 10 / 8 / 7 ● 2 GHz Processor ● 4 Gb RAM ● 6 Gb Hard Drive Space