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2020 EDITION Upgrade
of Power & Revolution

As the year 2020 begins, the Covid-19 is spreading…

As the head of one or several nations, take up the greatest challenge of the human race since the Second World War as you try to contain this health crisis and its economic impact.
This game also offers multiple scenarios: a simulation of the world without the Covid-19 pandemic, a glimpse of a future with the emergence of an even more dangerous virus, participation in the 2020 US presidential election, the transformation of the player’s political system into an absolute monarchy, and various ongoing conflicts which showcase the new wargame functions (formation of squads, missile silos, anti-aircraft batteries...).

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  • Simulation of the Covid-19 Pandemic…
    Based on actual data, the pandemic is recreated and the player can follow its progress with various graphs, stats and maps and is kept up to date directly by their Health Director. Numerous tools and legislation are at your disposal to try and slow the spread of the virus: managing inventory and distribution policies (masks for professionals and the general public, screening tests, treatments, ICU beds), construction of temporary hospitals, an arsenal of lockdown measures (for the population, for schools, businesses, bars and restaurants), limiting gatherings and travel, regulating transportation, closing the borders, use of tracking software, transfer of patients and vaccine research.
    All of these measures can be customized by region and their level of contamination, the objective being to stem the pandemic as quickly as possible and to slow its progress to limit the impact on the economy.
  • ...and the Economic Crisis
    Depending on the situation, the player can impose, or lift, restrictions on businesses. In response to the decline in business, various measures can be put into place: partial unemployment, aid for the poor or support for struggling economic sectors to minimize unemployment and the decline in growth.
    The debt and deficit of a country can be strongly affected by this crisis and if, in the short term, the State can rely on international lenders, especially when a member of the European Union, then the player will have to return to more acceptable levels in the long term so as not to alarm financial markets.
  • Other Scenarios
    In "The World Without Covid", the player can lead their country in a "normal" context, without the pandemic.
    In the "SARS-CoV-3 Mutation" scenario, set in 2022, when, after a widespread vaccination of the world population for Covid-19, researchers discover a new patient carrying a virus that seems to resistant to the vaccine. Has the virus mutated?
    The pandemic crisis plunges the world into turmoil: in the "Coronation" scenario, the player can take advantage of the chaos to install a royalty and become an absolute monarch.
  • Wargames Scenarios and Functions
    A number of units and functions have been added: anti-missile and anti-aircraft batteries which can be deployed to concealed locations to intercept aerial attacks, intercontinental missile silos and anti-aircraft silos that are difficult to destroy and can launch missiles at a very long distance, formation of squads which allows the movement of units as a whole to be able to attack as one or to defend each other, area bombing from cruisers that targets multiple enemy units in a single run, forming groups of satellites or drones to cover a larger area, the addition of anti-missile armaments for carriers and certain cruisers, the addition of a "Fog of War" mode, concealing stationary missile launchers and reinforcing the defense of military bases.
    A special mini-guide describes the function of all military units in detail.
    Numerous lightning war scenarios reflecting the geopolitical context of potential conflicts in which large nations claim foreign territory. The player can choose to play as the aggressor, attempting to annex enemy territory within a certain amount of time; as the defender, fighting back while the international community mobilizes and forces the invaders to retreat (China vs. Taiwan, Russia vs. Georgia, Turkey vs. Libya...)
  • 2020 US Elections
    Choose your Republican or Democratic candidate and launch your campaign to become the next president of the United States.

Other new features

  • God'n Spy: The option of playing as any additional country mid-game, acquire nuclear missiles, increase the cap on additional revenue
  • Development of 5G
  • Construction of nuclear fusion power plants
  • Addition of the World Health Organization
  • A new economic organization, the Eurasian Union
  • Faster satellites
  • Modding tool: The option of creating mods with 30 playable countries
  • Greater reflection of political tendencies in alignments between countries, especially when there is a change in political parties
  • The option to change the national anthem
  • Automatic response system to submitted requests
  • Options to disable televised debates in elections and for the game to run in the background
  • New achievements

Up to date data as of 01/01/2020

  • Budgetary, economic and social data…
  • Political and geopolitical data: new governments, constitutions of new parliaments, diplomatic relations between countries…
  • Environmental data.
  • Military data and maps of conflicts, ongoing city battles and status of opposing forces.
  • Terrorist organizations: numbers, capabilities, resources.
  • A new country: Eswatini
  • New algorithm for name creation based on langage
  • New characters with new faces: new chiefs of state or governments (Brazil, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Pakistan, Mexico...), new ministers and party leaders (USA, France, Germany...), international celebrities engaged in feminist causes and a new Iraqi flag.

We recommend the following minimum configuration

PC Windows 10 / 8 / 7 ● 2 GHz Processor ● 4 Gb RAM ● 6 Gb Hard Drive Space ● DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card ● 256MB DirectX 9.0-compatible video card